Real Women, Real Physical & Mental Growth Here’s their Stories!

Passion Physique is dedicated to the female body. Every woman is so unique, so you should treat your body that way! We find what works best for YOU and then adjust it to your busy lifestyle. Health and happiness IS sustainable!

“Paige really taught me the importance of self-care and helped me fall in love with the gym and eating right. Helping me track my macros, showing me how to feel confident in the weight room, and most importantly reminding me often to live my life passionately. She is truly a blessing and I’m so thankful to have her as my coach.”


“I’ve never been more comfortable to talk to a trainer before. Paige is always there to help and support. Her whole couching strategy is extremely well balanced. She is helping me achieve my fitness goal and even go beyond that. She truly cares.”

-Luana N.