Ready to work 1:1 with me and my team for customized, hormone & gut focused, motivational, sustainable, and supportive coaching?

Let me tell you exactly what working with me looks like!

  • Custom workout routine based on your goals, needs, preferences, and equipment available to you.
  • Science Nutrient-Based Eating approach, working 1:1 with our Registered Dietician, Mindy. Creating your meal plan to be packed with scientifically proven nutrients that will target your goals - hormones, thyroid, blood sugar, heart health, energy, weightloss, and many more!
  • Constant access to our RD & I via instant chat within the app.
  • Access into our custom coaching app where you can share all of your meals, workouts, progress, feelings, and successes with us!
  • Constant support and accountability.
  • Weekly video check-in calls with Paige and evaluations.
  • Changes made consistently throughout the program to adjust to your needs and progress.

Is it time to grow, develop physically and mentally, learn, & change your life with me?

Are you dedicated to balancing your hormones, replenishing your body's nutrients, gaining energy, strength, and endurance, and being the most optimal YOU possble?

For $299/month you’ll receive a new updated program for both workouts and meals, completely based off of your progress, needs, and preferences!

I’m ready to be a team with you and find beautiful happiness, health, sustainability and confidence together!

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